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My name is Raleigh (RJ) Bruner and I am the Managing Partner of Wildcat Moving LLC. The lovely lady with me in the picture is my wife, Sylvie.

I started Wildcat Moving after graduating from the University of Kentucky's MBA program in June of 2010. I was aware that the big moving companies were taking advantage of the people of Kentucky. Low competition driven by ridiculously complex state permit over regulation had created a quasi-monopoly that had been driving up rates for years. I recognized a niche. By keeping overhead low, we are able to charge much less than our larger competitors.

I am committed to providing quality service to the community. I believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable businessman is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, I believe that a good reputation and consistent service will reap bigger profits in the long run. By being trustworthy, I believe that my family will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

My wife and I both grew up right here in Kentucky and stay busy raising our little Wildcat fans, Juliette, Roman and Cosette.

For more information, feel free to call or email.
Raleigh Bruner

Owner and His family with wildcat truck - Residential and Commercial Moving Company in Lexington, KY
My name is Steven Gammon, Director of Operations at The Wildcat Group. I grew up in Lexington and received my Masters in Business Administration at the University of Kentucky.

My goal as Operations Director is to establish an efficient and effective organization which satisfies the needs of Kentucky consumers. We work hard to keep overhead expenses low and we pass those savings onto the people of Kentucky. This allows us to provide our fellow Kentuckians with excellent service at a low rate.

We are locally owned and operated and are always looking for ways to improve our relationship with the community. Using local businesses creates relationships between neighbors and helps to build communities. The people who live and work in proximity to us share common goals and interests, such as keeping our neighborhoods safe and clean. We rely on each other in emergencies, and we see each other on the street and at the store.

Steven Gammon - Residential and Commercial Moving Company in Lexington, KY
By supporting businesses owned and run by people within our community we create an extra layer of interdependence, and we make our daily relationships deeper and more meaningful. If you purchase a service from a business headquartered 2000 miles away, you can be sure that the company doesn't genuinely care about whether it performed up to your expectations, although they may follow good business practices and take responsibility for poor service. But if you buy something from your neighbor they're more likely to be genuinely accountable because they just may see you at Fayette Mall, the YMCA, Kroger or at the next UK basketball game….GO BIG BLUE!

So remember, by using local products and services, we do our part to build local economies. If we spend our money with a corporation, at least some of the profit from that transaction goes to a company at some distant location. But when we support local businesses, the proprietors are more likely to spend the money they make from our purchase at another local business. In this way we keep our money in our own communities, building a local economy that enriches everyone involved.
So, thanks again for the business and remember that all Wildcat Group companies are locally owned and operated.

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